Founded in 1964, Unitron is a Canada-based hearing aid manufacturer that focuses on a legacy of excellence, commitment to its product design and customer satisfaction.

Unitron offers a learning program known as FLEX, which helps hearing aid providers and audiology practices make the journey of hearing care more flexible and accessible for patients worldwide.


Powered by Tempus, the Stride M, Moxi Fit and Moxi All are just some of Unitron’s rechargeable hearing aids. An overnight charge can give your hearing aid power for a whole day. Simply remove the hearing aids from the charging base, put them on and go; there’s no fuss and no buttons to press. Forgot to charge your hearing aid? No problem — disposable batteries can be swapped out for the rechargeable ones to ensure you’ll never be without power.

Improved Connectivity

Moxi All was created to connect with all smartphones, not just iPhones®. The hands-free programming allows users to answer the phone and have a conversation, without ever touching their device.

Fire Audiology - Unitron Discover Next

Conversations Perfected

Discover Next is Unitron’s newest platform, designed for incredible sound performance to capture deeper meaning in your conversations. Discover Next helps people know who is taking, know where their voices are coming from and helps them hear better in noisy environments with background noise.

Almost Invisible

Unitron has the world’s smallest wireless RIC hearing aid – the Moxi Now. Even as the discreet choice, the Now still features SoundNav, which automatically identifies and classifies seven different distinct sound types. This hearing aid can differentiate between conversations in a crowd or music in a quiet room.

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